Get To Know Your Partners

The Greater Hickory Tennis Association (GHTA) is a recreational non-profit organization 501(c)3, whose mission is to raise awareness about tennis by creating opportunities for learning, playing and/or promoting the sport. The GHTA has an all-volunteer board of directors that acts as a resource to promote diverse tennis programs development, advocate for USTA League tennis, provide equipment grants, support charitable tennis events, and aid with facility growth.

Our Vision

The vision of the GHTA is to craft a positive economic impact in our
community in collaboration with the City of Hickory Parks and Recreation
Department and create a state-of-the-art public tennis facility capable of
hosting various tournament levels including any USTA state championship.


The Greater Hickory Tennis Association recognizes that diversity is absolutely essential to achieving our mission. Diversity includes men and women from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, generations, backgrounds, skills, abilities and all of the other unique differences that make each of us who we are. As an association, we are committed to fostering a tennis environment that is more inclusive, achieving greater diversity within our tennis community, and inspiring men and women from diverse backgrounds, generations, and skill levels to participate in the sport of tennis.